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Operations are king in the manufacturing sector. Downtime equals unhappy customers, reputational damage and even a loss of contracts. You need to have reliable, preventative fire protection solutions in place to prevent your worst nightmare coming true.

When every minute of production time lost comes directly off your bottom line, you need to ensure that you have reliable, fault free fire protection that you can entrust with your company’s safety.

We specialize in providing reliable and robust solutions for all types of manufacturing and engineering applications, backed up by excellent customer service and fast response times.

Whether you need a fire alarm system, process fire suppression or a building fire sprinkler system, Blazequel can provide you with a one-stop-shop fire safety solution to save you time and hassle.  Every application is different and we’ll provide you with a reliable solution which is tailored to your own unique requirements.

Below are some examples of how we’ve helped other companies in the engineering and manufacturing sectors, saving them time, money and making their premises safer.

Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting Solutions

We don’t shackle ourselves to any fixed brands of equipment, as that doesn’t benefit our customers.  Instead, we remain an independent and dynamic company, embracing new technologies from all manufacturers to provide you with the best solution.

Whether you need a fire alarm system for your building, a detection system for a high risk machine or thermal imaging for production line process control we can provide you with robust and reliable solutions. Below are just a couple of examples of how we’ve helped other companies in the sector:

Case Study – Sheet feeding Manufacturer

Due to an unreliable fire alarm system, they were loosing thousands of pounds every week, from false alarms and evacuations interrupting production.  After an extensive examination of the options available, Blazequel designed and installed a new Beam Detection system, throughout the production area which has been operating reliably for 10 years now.

Case Study – Chemical Etching of Metals

Due to the chemical etching processes taking place, the harsh environment was destroying the point type detectors located in the dipping areas.  Blazequel installed Linear Heat Detection Cable throughout these areas, which is able to withstand the harsh environment without corroding.

Fire Extinguisher Solutions

From annual maintenance of existing fire safety equipment, through to supply and installation of fire extinguishers and fire hose reel systems, we can provide a reliable and hassle free service for your requirements.

Fire Sprinkler Solutions

Your fire sprinklers are a critical part of ensuring that in the event of a fire, the risk is controlled as quickly as possible and damage is limited, ensuring minimum disruption to your operations.

We offer complete fire sprinkler system solutions, from design and fit-out projects to maintenance and repairs.  We service and maintain many aged systems, including both diesel and electric pumpsets which have required significant repairs after years of neglect and poor maintenance from other contractors.  Some examples of fire sprinkler works we have conducted for our clients are below:

Case Study – Corrugated Fibreboard Manufacturer – Pump Rebuild

When we took on the maintenance of the system, the pumps were found to be in a dreadful state of disrepair due to poor maintenance.  On one pump, the oil sump was full of water!

After investigations, it was found most cost effective to take the pump offsite and rebuilt in in our specialist workshops.  Since this first stage of the maintenance project, we have conducted many other significant re-built, repair and extension works for this valued client.  References available upon request.

Case Study – Large Scale Plastic Pipework Manufacturer – Pump Replacement (Dual pumpsets replaced for a single FM Approved pumpset)

This significant project involved the strip-out of the old pumphouse arrangement, and replacement of the exisiting and very aged dual pumps with a single, FM approved pumpset to the insurers specification.

Significant changes were also required to the pumphouse layout, and drawings were submitted to FM Global for approval.  All works were completed on-time and on-budget, and we continue to provide the fire sprinkler support and maintenance for this facility.

Fire TrainingFire Suppression Solutions

Automatic Fire Suppression is often the best way to protect your operations-critical equipment and processes from a fire or explosion.

We offer solutions for all risk types, from electrical cabinets and server rooms through to CNC machinery, ovens, fryers and even dust extract systems.

If your entire process is reliant upon a single point of failure, such as an electrical cabinet or a critical item of process machinery, then your business contingency plan needs to ensure that you’ve taken the necessary action to protect that asset.  Just having the area covered with your building sprinkler or fire alarm is unlikely to protect your asset in time to prevent serious damage.

A targeted fire suppression system designed for the specific risk will give your operations the best protection possible.  Contact us on 01234 357357 to discuss your requirements in more detail with our team.

Case Study – Server Room for Precision Engineering Company

With technology becoming increasing interwoven with every process, the server rooms for this client were the nerve centre for the facility.

As the area could not easily comply with the integrity testing requirements for a gas suppression system, Blazequel designed and installed a specialist Aerosol total flooding system with double-knock smoke detection, to protect the entire room in the event of a fire.

Case Study – Electrical Cabinet Fire Suppression for Concrete Production facility

With construction booming, this extremely busy client in the Greater London area knew that all their equipment onsite was working harder than ever.  If they had a fire in their controls switchgear, production would grind to a halt causing massive downtime and loss of production.

Blazequel installed a cost-effective PAFSS Fire suppression system into all of the main control cabinets and panels onsite, using the clean agent Novec 1230.  In the event of a component failure, the PAFSS system will quickly detect the risk and discharge directly at the affected area to extinguish the fire, without leaving any residue to clean up.

PAFSS is a cost-effective and reliable solution for protecting almost any electrical fire risk.

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