Deluge Systems

What is Deluge System?

Deluge fire extinguishing systems are a brilliant solution for high-risk areas, where the sometimes-slow reaction speed of sprinkler systems will allow too long for the fire to develop before discharge begins.

Deluge System use a separate fire detection system as a means of activation. This means that a detection system ideally suited to the risk type can be chosen, making it much more adaptable for the various applications. This is in contrast to Sprinkler Systems which only use the heat-sensitive burst bulb.

Whilst much of the engineering of a deluge system is similar to a sprinkler system, the discharge nozzles and principle are also different. Whereas a sprinkler system begins discharge from individual nozzles as the heat-sensitive bulbs burst, deluge systems have open nozzles. This means that, when the detection system activates and the pump starts, all nozzles begin discharge simultaneously.

Deluge system are widely used in the waste industry and can either use plain water or have a foam additive to increase the effectiveness of the water used. Water Mist systems are another common example of deluge system configuration.  Water mist is an ideal solution for high-risk environments where it’s essential to minimize water usage and run-off in the event of a fire.

How do Deluge fire extinguishing systems work?

As mentioned above, deluge system usually operates in conjunction with a fire detection system. Upon detection of a fire, the fire alarm system will send a signal to the deluge system control panel to start extinguishing.

Depending on the application, we can also provide a zoned deluge system. This can limit discharge to a specific part of your facility, depending upon the type of fire alarms system and the engineering of the discharge system.

The systems pumps will then force the water and foam through the pipework and out of all the nozzles in the protected area until the pumping system is stopped manually.

Deluge System in action

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If you have questions call us at +44 (0)1234 357357 or email us at or book a free consultation with us.