Fire Induction Training Course

“Cost effective, fun and informative, our ever-popular Induction Training Course is a great way to give all your staff basic fire training”

The Fire Induction Training of staff in fire safety is an obligatory requirement to comply with British Regulations.

This course has been designed to give all staff a basic knowledge of fire safety and confidence in using extinguishers in the event of a fire. The course duration is 30-45 minutes, and a Certificate with the names of those present will be issued.

Points Covered:

  1. What to do if you discover a fire
  2. Raising the alarm
  3. Evacuation
  4. Theory of fire and the fire triangle
  5. Types of fire
  6. Types of extinguishers and their uses
  7. Safety tips when using extinguishers
  8. Instruction and demonstration of using extinguishers, during which the participants can experience letting off an extinguisher – a potentially invaluable experience in a real emergency

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