Misuse Prevention

That’s why the risk of fire extinguishers getting accidentally damaged, messed with, stolen, or moved to the wrong spot can be really dangerous. But don’t worry, we have some easy and affordable solutions for this problem.

In a fire, every second matters. If you want to deal with the fire safely before it becomes uncontrollable, you can’t afford to waste any time.

Fire Extinguisher Covers

These covers do more than just shield your extinguisher from its surroundings. They’re great at discouraging anyone from tampering with your fire extinguisher.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

A sturdy cabinet will shield your extinguisher from whatever the weather or your busy workplace throws at it. It’s also a highly effective way to stop people from messing with it or using it for something it’s not meant for. You can even add an alarm to these cabinets to protect against theft or vandalism

For fancy settings, our recessed cabinets blend in perfectly with your decor.

Fire Extinguisher Alarms

This simple solution ensures that your fire extinguisher won’t be moved unless there’s a real emergency. When someone tries to take it, the alarm will go off loudly, making them think twice about it.

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