Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Kitchen Fire Suppression system is an automatic solution. It is designed to protect your cooking appliances and extract ducting in the event of a fire.

Kitchen fires, specifically fat fires are notoriously dangerous. There is no safer way or better way of protecting your catering facilities, and staff against catering related fires than through installation of a kitchen fire suppression system.

Kitchen Fire Suppression system is capable of automatic detection and actuation and/or remote manual actuation. This means that kitchen staff – who often will be alert to the danger before the automatic function kicks in – will be able to activate the system quickly, meaning the fire is dealt with even faster!

Kitchen Fire Suppression System in action

Your Kitchen Fire Suppression system will include the following components:

Suppression System Control Unit – The extinguishant container is concealed within the stainless-steel unit(s) to match in with the rest of the kitchen.

Heat Activated Detection System – There is a wide range of detection methods available, which will quickly detect the heat of a fire rising into the hood, and automatically trigger your system.  When properly designed and installed, the system will not create false discharges from the temperatures of everyday cooking activities.

Manual System Activation – Often kitchen staff will become aware of a fire before it reaches a level of heat sufficient to activate the system automatically.  By activating the manual release, they can immediately tackle the fire without having to expose themselves to danger.

Discharge Pipework & Nozzles to target risk areas – Suppression system pipe work and nozzles (indicated by arrows on the drawing below).  This covers the cooking area, within the hood itself and also inside the extraction flue, ensuring that fire does not spread outside the cooker hood.

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