FM200 Gaseous Fire Suppression

HFC 227 EA (commonly known as FM200) is a safe, clean, and electrically nonconductive agent.

FM200 Gas Fire Suppression protects people, high value assets and the continuity of business operations. Therefore, it is highly effective, giving superior extinguishing performance and rapid-fire knockdown within ten seconds.

Stopping the fire in these critical first few seconds can save thousands of pounds worth of damage to equipment and consequent loss of production.

FM200 works by physical action. The molecules absorb heat so that the temperature of the flame falls to a point below which it cannot propagate. As a result, the fire is extinguished. The oxygen depleting effect is minimal as only small quantities of the gas are used.

FM200 Gas Fire Suppression is environmentally friendly and can be safety used in manned areas.

Benefits of FM200 Gas Fire Suppression

  • Rapid fire knockdown within ten seconds.
  • FM200 will completely extinguish Class A, B and C Fires in ten seconds or less – before the fire can develop.
  • Minimal oxygen reduction.
  • Safe in occupied and unoccupied areas.
  • Personnel safety in the event of discharging an FM200 system in an emergency is safeguarded as the extinguishant has a low toxicity rating.
  • Environmentally safe agent – zero ozone depletion.
  • Electrical, pneumatic or manual activation system.
  • Activation of the FM200 fire system can be carried out electrically, pneumatically, or manually with either local or remote control.
  • Clean agent – no particles or oily residues to damage delicate equipment.
  • Can be linked in to existing detection control systems.
  • Easily installed and relocated.

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