Heat Detectors

Heat detectors are reliable, robust and usually a superb choice for applications where smoke detection will cause false alarms.

Heat Detectors are available in two types:

Fixed Temperature

Fixed temperature heat detectors are designed to alarm when they detect a set temperature value, usually around 68 degrees Celsius.


Rate-of–rise detectors monitor for rapid increases in the temperature within the area, but also have a fixed temperature limit which will trigger an alarm if the rate of temperature rise has been too slow.

Heat detectors are not suitable for buildings with a high roof or ceiling, due to their slower activation time.  Bear in mind that a heat detector will respond only when a fire is well established and generating high heat output, so the higher the roof level the longer it will take for the detector to activate.

Heat detector height mounting height restrictions:

  • Fixed Temperature detector – 7.5m high
  • A1 (Rate of Rise) heat detector – 9m high

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