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Retail businesses have a diverse range of risks. With people of all age groups onsite and complex shop floor layouts, it can be hard to ensure that you’re able to adequately protect everyone in the event of a fire. That’s why your fire protection needs to be of the highest standard.

With your facilities open to members of the public, you inevitably have a dynamic and constantly changing risk level onsite.  Does your fire safety strategy ensure that in the event of a fire, everybody can be safely evacuated, including those with limited mobility?

Often by necessity, your busy retail store will be a complex design and layout which is constantly changing to facilitate new product lines and an interesting display for your customers.  This however, increases the complexity of ensuring a safe evacuation in a fire emergency.

Our TagEvac Emergency Evacuation System is ideal for retail fire safety applications.  Standard roll-call type evacuations are not suitable for environments where you never know who all is onsite.   A ‘Sweep’ evacuation plan is the best way to ensure that everyone is ushered to safety in the event of a fire, with designated marshals given responsibility for their own risk areas.  TagEvac helps you safely manage the evacuation and ensure nobody gets left behind.

When working with Blazequel for your fire safety, you can be sure of the following:

  • Exceptional communication, and no surprise visits – we’ll always answer the phone (24/7), and when your fire safety equipment needs serviced, we’ll be in touch with you to pre-book the site visit. We’ll not arrive onsite unannounced.
  • Service management included as standard – you don’t have to worry about when your service is coming up for renewal. Your account manager will be in touch to schedule that with you, to ensure our engineers only visit when it’s convenient.
  • No nasty surprises – we won’t surprise you with unexpected ‘extras’ on your invoices. Any extra works required will be agreed with you for approval, before going ahead.
  • No fixed-term contracts. We’ll earn your loyalty, not demand it.

Our one-stop-shop fire safety solutions will help you keep your people, properly and the public safe, whilst saving you time, money and hassle.

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