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Smoke Stratification – A Matter of Height

smoke stratification
Stratification is a largely unknown issue, but affects any high level building. This happens when the thermal ‘lift’ of the smoke is not sufficient to break through a warm layer of air gathered in the roof void. Instead, stratification causes the smoke to form in a ‘cloud’ below the roof level – too low for the ceiling-mounted detection to sense it.

Fire at the Altens East Mixed Recycling Facility – Some Thoughts

Altens East Mixed Recycling Facility fire photo
After reviewing the footage shared by Suez of the Altens East Mixed Recycling Facility fire, I felt compelled to share my thoughts as a fire safety engineer, working closely within the waste recycling sector. I trust this is helpful for my colleagues, friends and customers working in the industry. We can all learn so much from incident footage like this.