Room Integrity Testing (RIT) is a crucial element of fire life safety strategies. It is mandatory for all Gas Fire Suppression Systems to confirm that, in case of a fire, the room’s sealing is adequate to guarantee the Gaseous Extinguishing System’s effectiveness.

The use of gaseous fire extinguishing systems, often used to provide protection for computer and plant rooms, is essential given the consequences of fire damage and downtime for such critical equipment. For a fire suppression system to work, the protected room must have sufficient integrity to retain an extinguishing concentration for a specified period after discharge.

The British and International Standard BS:IS014520 requires that an enclosure integrity test be carried out at annual intervals.

Testing is carried out using a door mounted fan to measure leakage flow and on completion a formal report is issued detailing results and any recommendations.

Having a suitably ‘airtight’ room is an essential part of ensuring that your gas fire suppression system works. Our experienced team can offer a full room integrity testing service for all applications and environments.

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