Class D Powder Fire Extinguishers

Best for Classes of Fire: A, B

photo of class d fire extinguisher

Class D Powder Fire Extinguishers are designed for fighting fires involving metals. Whether it's a highly reactive metal like potassium or just metal waste and shavings, metal fires can be extremely hazardous. Using a high-pressure extinguisher on such fires can actually make matters worse by spreading the fire.

Class D Powder Fire Extinguishers contain a specially formulated substance to effectively combat the unique properties of metal fires.

What sets them apart is the Low Velocity Applicator, which ensures that the powder gently falls onto the fire. This allows the operator to stay at a safe distance while extinguishing the fire.

There are two types of Class D Powder Fire Extinguishers

  • M28 Powder: This type is suitable for extinguishing fires involving most metals, except for lithium.
  • L2 Powder: L2 Powder can be used on fires involving all types of metals, including lithium.

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