Water Fire Extinguishers

Best for Class A

photo of water fire extinguisher

Water Fire Extinguishers marked with the traditional 'signal red' color label, are widely used for tackling class A fires. They are effective in combating fires that are fueled by flammable solids such as coal, wood, wool, fabric, straw, paper, and plastics.

Some models of water extinguishers have been di-electrically tested and are considered safe for use on electrical equipment. However, when using them in proximity to electrical devices, it is essential to exercise caution and take appropriate safety measures.

Our options are available in a 9.0 litre size.

How Water Fire Extinguishers Works?

1. Cooling Effect: Water extinguishers work by cooling down the burning material. This cooling effect lowers the heat level below what’s needed for the fire to keep burning.

2. Preventing Re-Ignition: Another good thing about using water is that it helps stop flashbacks. Flashbacks happen when a fire seems to be out, but there’s still enough heat left to restart it. Water prevents this from happening.

Now, there’s something called “Water Additive Extinguishers” which make water even better at fighting fires:

1. Making Water More Effective: Regular water can take a bit of time to soak into the burning material. It often just sits on the surface. This makes it less effective at putting out the fire quickly.

2. Reducing Surface Tension: Water Additive fire extinguishers have an extra ingredient that makes water “wetter.” This means it can soak into the material much faster.

3. Faster Cooling: Because of this, the water from a Water Additive extinguisher cools down and dampens the burning stuff much faster than plain water.

4. Higher Fire Rating: This all adds up to a Water Additive extinguisher having a much better fire-fighting rating than a regular water extinguisher. It’s more effective at stopping fires quickly.

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